Smart Positioner3

Smart Positioner

Smart Positioner


GK2300LSdF00GO series smart positioner is provided with Exd II CT6 explosion-proof function.

Installed Hoerbiger piezoelectric valve technology, it gets actual valve position signal through position sensor, which is processed by control software so as to control the air intake and air exhaust of pneumatic actuator and drive the valve position to reach up to the setpoint.


l   High Positioning Accuracy, Up To 0.5%F.S;

l   Do Not Need To Open The Shell, High Protection, You Write Down The True In Situ Operation;

l   With The Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof, Safe And Reliable Performance;

l   Has The Advantages Of Simple Structure, Small Volume, Small, Installed In The Actuator;

l   Automatic Positive Definite, Automatic Diagnosis, Depressed Characteristic Curve KE Configuration;

l   Mechanical Parts, Good Shock Resistance;

l   When Local Or Remote Parameter Setting;

l   Low Power Consumption, Low Air Consumption, Reduce Operation Cost;

l   Using A Two-Wire 4-20ma Standard Signal;

l   Built-In Lightning Protection Module, When Lightning Damage Should Avoid Locator.


Smart Positioner-

l   Motion Type: Linear /Rotary

l   Acting Type: Single/Double

l   Explosion Proof: None/Exd Ct6

l   Valve Position Feedback Output:4~20ma Dc Output

l   Communication: None/Hart

l   External Rotation Opening Indication: Non/Rotation Indication

l   Pressure Gage: Option

l   Fault Protection-Reset/Lock

l   Ip65

l   Ambient Temperature: -20° To+70°

l   Material: Aluminum