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Telescopic Flange3

Telescopic Flange

Flanges are made according to En1092-1. Forged flanges and fully bolted. the pipe is seamless and the flanges are welded on it.

Specifications and Description

1. Compensates for axial displacement of the pipe during installation and dismantling, as the telescopic action between the inner and
    outer flange body allows for longitudinal adjustment
2. Designed with three flanges connected with tie-rods, and where the center flange applies compression on the seal through the tie-rods
3. Standard axial adjustment of ±40-80 mm 4, Can be used for up to -0.8 Bar negative pressure
5. Mild steel with fusion bonded epoxy coating to WIS 4-52-01
6. Tie-rods of zinc-plated and passivated steel 4.6 located on every flange hole
7. DN50~DN2000

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