Home Product Two-Piece Stainless Ball Valve Two Piece Ball Valve Screw End

Two Piece Ball Valve Screw End

( 3000WOG 、6000WOG /High-Pressure Ball Valve)

Model No: GKV-128 3000WOG, 6000WOG

Full Port Two-Piece Ball Valve Screwed End

l    Blow-Out Proof Stem

l    Working Pressure (CWP): DN8-DN50 3000PSI/6000PIS                          

l    Temperature Range: -20 To 180℃

l    Locking Device

l    Pipe Thread In Accordance

l    ANSI B1.20.1(NPT)

l    DIN 259/ DIN 2999

l    ISO 228

l    BSP

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