Smart Positioner

Smart Positioner


1High Positioning Accuracy, Up To 0.5%F.S;

2Do Not Need To Open The Shell, High Protection, You Write Down The True In Situ Operation;

3With The Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof, Safe And Reliable Performance;

4Has The Advantages Of Simple Structure, Small Volume, Small, Installed In The Actuator;

5Automatic Positive Definite, Automatic Diagnosis, Depressed Characteristic Curve KE Configuration;

6Mechanical Parts, Good Shock Resistance;

7When Local Or Remote Parameter Setting;

8Low Power Consumption, Low Air Consumption, Reduce Operation Cost;

9Using A Two-Wire 4-20ma Standard Signal;

10Built-In Lightning Protection Module, When Lightning Damage Should Avoid Locator.





Smart Positioner-

1.Motion Type: Linear /Rotary

2.Acting Type:Single/Double

3.Explosion Proof :Non/ExdCt6

4. Valve Position Feedback Output :4~20ma Dc Output


6.Extemal Rotation Opening Indication: Non/Rotation Indication

7.Pressure Gage:Option 

8.Fault Protection-Reset/Lock


10.Ambient Temperature : -20°  To +70°



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