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Three Piece Clean Ball Valve (T-Clamp)


Model No: GKV-33T      
Three Piece Structural Design, T-Clamp Connection, Lever Operation.

l    Blow-Out Proof Stem.

l    Stainless Steel Ball And Stem Are Standard.

l    Precision Investment Cast Body And Caps.

l    Easy Installation With A Wide Selection Of End Fittings.

l    Three-Piece Swing-Out Design Allows In-Line Maintenance.

l    Full Port Orifice Minimizes Pressure Drop Across The Pipeline.

l    Sele-Adjusting Floating Ball Enables The Tight Internal Seal.

l   Body Working Pressure: 1000 Psi(Pn64)

l   Size: 1/4”-4”(Dn8-Dn100)

l   Test Seat (Air): 80 Psi

      Shell (Hydrostatic): 1500 Psi

      *Helium Leakage Test-Internal<10-5, External<10-6


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