Nexus Industrial was established in 2011, Nexus Industrial is a Filipino company built to meet the industrial needs of all types of clients in different fields, including but not limited to: pharmaceutical, cement, steel, semiconductor, food and beverages, petro chemicals, water treatment, and OEM’s.


Nexus Industrial is a domestic corporation in Philippine, primarily engaged in buying and selling, on wholesale basis, import, and other deals with specialized range of industrial and automation products, and its appurtenances.


On January 17th, 2019, Taiwan Geko corporation went to visited Nexus industrial corporation in Manila, gave them technical support and employee training.


After the training, Tw-Geko technical group accompany Nexus sales visited the customers, like Tanduay(wine factory), Coca-cola factory and FDC power plant to promote our products, also helped them to solved technical problem, especially at the power plant, they encountered an issue of leakage which caused by difference pressure, moreover, our technical support group taught them valve knowledge, with a particular emphasis on how to choose the appointable valve for different application.



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