https://www.gekovalves.com/contact.html Taiwan GEKO Valve Corporation https://www.gekovalves.com/images/corpimg.png 20F., No.631, Sec. 1, Chongde Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 4-2238-9086   GV Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 as a valve manufacturer. GV consists of professional developers, designers, production personnel, and quality control personnel with years of experience. We devote all our energy to combine advanced technologies. We integrated CNC lathes, CNC internal machining, plastic injection, precision valve casting, aluminum and zinc die casting, and stamping mechanical equipment (Equipment with operating programs: CAD→ Purchase→ Feed→ Production Process → Assembly→ Quality Control Service). The valves brand OEM integrates global resources into the market, in order to provide better service for our customers. With strict quality management, TUV, ISO9001 (a quality assurance standard), and the pursuit of zero-defect managements, they have made our OEM and ODM adopted by the world-renowned petrochemical industry, optoelectronics industry, biotechnology medical, semiconductor, and electronic chemical manufacturing. The current customers are Sinopec、 PetroChina、CNOOC, China Shenhua、China Coal、China Guodian, China Car, Vietnam power plant, S-Oil, BYD, Samsung, LG, SK, TYCO, (including GEKO), Omal, SFV, and others. Our high self-requested standards make us maintain the advantages of the international market, and ultimately our products will be widely used in the world-renowned enterprises, such as  GE, GEA, HITACHI, TOYO, POSCO, ABB, TOTAL, BP, BASF, DOW, BAYER, ROCHE, LINDE, NOVARTIS, NESTLE, SYNGENTA, TATA STEEL.  In 2016, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world, Germany GEKO buy shares into GV. We officially changed our name to Taiwan Geko Valve Corporation. We are in charge of the markets in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other countries in Southeast Asia and the agency of product sales network. Relying assembly and testing center in China, we will provide the best service for the international market.
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