• Cryogenic Check Valve

    The filter media ensures that the downstream process achieves the specified purity level. For this purpose, grids and filters of different sizes are provided. The return valve allows the fluid or gas to pass only in one direction and prevents the media from flowing back.

  • Ultra Cryogenic Globe Valve

    GEKO Ultra cryogenic globe valve with a variety of connections and materials portfolio. The valve can be equipped with additional features such as bellows sealing or Non-return function for improved tightness requirements. Through this combination, the pipeline can be reduced by one valve.

  • Three Piece Cryogenic Ball Valve

    1/4"~2" 2000PSI、2-1/2"-4" 1000PSI

  • Two Piece Cryogenic Ball Valve Flanged End

    1/2"~4" 150lb、DN15-DN50 PN10/40、
    DN65-DN100 PN10/16