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Electro Pneumatic Rotate Positioner

Electro Pneumatic Positioner

GKEP-400RSTn Series

l   There is no resonance at 5-200Hz.

l   No replacement parts order simple classes for 1/2 range of split control.

l   Zero adjustments and span adjustment to see you very much.

l   Positive action and reaction, convenient switching between single and double-acting.

l   Feedback stem connection is very simple.

l   The reaction speed and accuracy.

l   Small air consumption, the economy is good.

l   The small actuator can also prevent the vibration phenomena using an orifice pilot valve.

l   Mechanical Positioner: E-PP-P Type

l   Motion Type: Linear /Rotary

l   Acting Type: Single/Double

l   Built-in Unit:4~20mA Position transmitter /Limit Switch feedback

l   Explosion Proof: Exd II BT6/Exia II CT6/Normal

l   Airport: G1/4 (NPT)

l   Pressure gage-Option

l   IP65

l   Ambient temperature: -20° to +70°

l   Input Pressure:1.4~7kg/cm²

l   Linear error: ±1%

l   Material: Aluminum