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Three Piece Clean Ball Valve (T-Clamp)


Model No: GKV-32T
Three Piece Structural Design, Flanged End Connection, ISO5211 Direct Mounting PAD Ball Valve.

l   Blow-Out Proof Stem

l   Built-In ISO 5211 Mounting PAD For Easy Automation Media Thru The Valve.

l   Full Port For Tubing Butt-Weld.

l   Bosses For Purge Connections Are Built Into Body And Cap For SIP/CIP Operations.

l   All Wetted Parts Are Polished To 180 Grit RMS 0.5 To 0.64 Micron.

l   Swing-Out 3PC Design For Easy Field Maintenance.

l   All Extend Weld In SS316L Material Allows Orbital Welding In Place.

l   High Purity Cleaning Oil Free And Packing.

l   Viton O-Ring On Stem Gives Extra Support And Assurance Of Tightness.

l   Body Working Pressure: 1000 psi (PN64)

l   Size: 1/2”-4” (DN15-DN100)

l   Test Pressure
Seat (Air): 80psi

Shell (Hydrostatic): 1500psi

*Helium Leakage Test- Internal<10-5, External <10-6


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